ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.


Sales and marketing departments need top-notch graphics capabilities, to cope with the demands of design work, presentations and multimedia content.

A highly-mobile salesforce also needs these capabilities in a rugged yet easily-portable form factor, making notebooks the best solution. With a perfect balance between mobility and performance, together with outstanding reliability and serviceability, ASUS notebooks are a dependable choice for equipping your sales fleet.

Back in the office, users can take advantage of the full connectivity options offered by ASUS notebooks, for example connecting to large monitor for an expanded workspace and easy collaboration with colleagues.

Recommended Products


  • ASUSPRO B43 business notebooks offer a high-quality 14-inch screen, powerful graphics performance and a complete I/O interface including a CD-ROM drive. A highly-portable model with excellent multimedia capabilities, it is the perfect tool for those who spend much of their time on the road.

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  • Perfect for complex graphics-intensive work such as multimedia presentations, ASUS widescreen monitors provide a user-friendly, multitasking desktop environment. Models in the VN Series have ultra-narrow frame designs that makes them ideal for multi-monitor configurations. Our monitors feature superior ergonomic designs, with adjustable tilt, rotation, pivot, and height, making them easy to configure for fatigue-free workstations.

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