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    ROG Delta


    “ASUS has delivered a headset that is all things to everything PC related and beyond with their new headset. They've brought a gun to a knife fight in regards to features too. When it comes to getting great movie audio and surround, it's got your back. Also, when it comes to listening to high bitrate audio files like DSD and FLAC, it's got your back. When it comes to eSports and tuning the sound to hear your enemies footsteps better. Or even just cranking the surround sound, thumping up the bass and enjoying the wow factor in a single player RGB; it's got your back. A quality microphone, quality drivers, and a completely over the top processing chain really make this a tough one to beat, even at this price.” more
    https://www.asus.com/media/images/award_logo/1339/15562/A_setting_FFF_1_90_end_80.png Eteknix