Mini PCs
    Mini PC PB60

    8/10 – Worth Buying

    “The ASUS Mini PC PB60 packs a lot of performance potential into a tiny package. It's best suited to general office and 2D graphics work but for those kinds of activities it's a superbly compact choice.” more KitGuru

    Mini PCs
    Mini PC ProArt PA90


    “The Asus Mini PC ProArt PA90 is not to be messed around with. The sheer power this innocent looking PC can dole out is ridiculous, and anyone who's in need of that kind of performance will certainly appreciate it. From 3D rendering to smoothly handling 4k video, the PA90 can be used in almost any scenario, and can even handle the odd game or two during a quick lunch break.An important talking point will be the PA90's upgradability. While tower PCs are fairly easy to swap components in and out over time, the only thing you'll be able to comfortable change here is the RAM and storage options. That means you'll have to be 100% happy with the PA90 configuration you opt for, especially with the graphics card. If you're happy to shell out the extra cash to opt for a configuration that will last you for a lot longer, then the PA90 is a great recommendation that will annihilate anything you throw at it.” more Tech Radar
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