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Distribution and Warehouse Personnel

In busy and complex production environments, a streamlined thin-client-based architecture is often the preferred solution, with limited need for high-performance computing. Stable network connectivity, space-saving design, affordability and easy maintenance are key selection criteria.

In areas where physical inventory control is needed, such as warehousing and distribution centers, tablets combined with hand-held scanners not only reduce data-entry time, but they also make it possible to update central systems in real-time for robust production control and inventory management.

Recommended Products

  • ASUS VivoTab Note 8 (M80TA)

    VivoTab Note (M80TA) employs the familiar Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system, making it easy to integrate with both business systems and office applications. The 8-inch screen and accompanying Wacom stylus make it ideal for mobile inventory management applications.

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  • CPX20

    In a thin-client computing, all computing and storage functions are performed by central servers. It is an ideal architecture for complex and demanding environments such as production lines, ensuring high levels of security and simplified maintenance.

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  • ASUS Chromebox for meetings, with its live video-conferencing capabilities, is not only easy to operate, but has a wealth of potential applications in production environments, whether as a simple live monitoring and data display terminal, or as a means of allowing high-quality face-to-face communications.

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