ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.


The computing needs of financial departments are many and varied, ranging from simple clerical and administrative work through to complex data visualization and financial modeling.

For less computing-intensive tasks and general office productivity, compact, space-saving solutions such as the ASUS EeeBox Series offer an ideal solution, particularly in environments with limited desk space.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, high-level financial planners can benefit most from our wide range of powerful business desktop PCs, which combine outstanding reliability with all the performance needed to cope with complex financial applications.

For enterprises implementing VMware®-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), ASUS Zero Client monitors are an attractive option, offering large, clear widescreen displays with the added benefit of secure, low-maintenance computing. We also offer the Zero Client Box, which can turn any standard monitor into an all-in-one zero client monitor.

Recommended Products

  • EB1036

    The ASUS Mini PC Series, with a tiny volume of between 1 to 1.5 liters, or roughly 1/20 the volume of most desktop computers, can fit beneath a desk or even — thanks to the VESA mount option — behind a monitor. Offering reliable, energy-efficient computing, the EeeBox Series also enables flexible utilization of desk space.

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  • BM1AE

    Featuring the latest technology, superior processing power, energy efficient and flexible expandability, the ASUSPRO BM1AE desktop PC is the perfect companion for users needing fast, reliable and secure computing.

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  • CP240

    Zero Client monitors are cost-effective solution for use in VMware®-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. VDI offers a centralized desktop control solution to reduce overall costs, increase flexibility and simplify maintenance. In conjunction with Zero Client desktop terminals, virtualization offers enhanced data security through the effective prevention of information leaks and malware incursions. Zero Client monitors also support dual-display configurations for enhanced prod

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  • VivoMini VC65R (commercial)

    An all-rounded high-performance Intel ‘Skylake'-powered mini PC with RAID support, holds up to four 2.5-inch storage or optical drives, and has an embedded power adapter.

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