ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.


For highly-mobile workers, the mobility and productivity of notebook computers make them the ideal choice.

Portability and performance needs can vary considerably where notebooks are concerned. Without the benefit of centralized IT support, reliability and excellent after-sales service are two of the most common customer concerns. When selecting a computer, apart from weight and performance considerations, durability is vitally important, and support and maintenance needs to last long enough to cover the service life of the equipment.

With a thin, rugged notebook, backed up by cloud-based ASUS WebStorage, you can synchronize all your data via the cloud and access it any time using a smartphone or other Internet-connected device. The cloud gives you direct, anytime/anywhere access your files and reference materials, together with the convenience of not having to worry about backing up your data.

Recommended Products

  • MB168B+

    Our lightweight, easy-to-carry USB monitors provide exceptional portability, including the option to enjoy dual-screen productivity, even away from the office. Splitting your desktop across separate monitors reduces the need to switch between windows, thus saving time and improving productivity while relieving the eyestrain caused by staring too long at a small screen.

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  • P2B

    Portable LED projectors are the key to successful mobile presentations. These compact devices fit easily inside a briefcase for convenient business travel. A built-in battery provides even greater anytime/anywhere flexibility, allowing you to make your proposal at just the right time.

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  • With a durable, lightweight body and thoughtful user-centered design ASUSPRO P Series business notebooks are rugged, high-performance models, recognized for outstanding energy efficiency and ideal for highly-mobile professionals. They are subjected to the industry's most rigorous durability testing, and offer the perfect balance between cost and functionality.

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