ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.

Independent Store

Where retail stores and restaurants are concerned, fast checkout and an orderly inventory management system can ensure an even better customer experience.

Using an All-in-One PCs intuitive touchscreen as the POS user interface can dramatically reduce checkout and customer waiting time. Another option for the cost-conscious owner is the compact Mini PC. In conjunction with a monitor, it can free up space and enhance customer-facing areas.

It is also important to further reflect on how to conduct effective in-store promotions. Installing digital signage in areas where customers are queuing; displaying the most recent offers and incentives to stimulate sales; or strategically placing small-scale billboards in front of selected goods so that customers have immediate access to interactive product descriptions while deciding what to purchase. All these tactics can lead to significant sales increases.

Recommended Products

  • SV425

    Traditional large-format printed billboards are increasingly being replaced by storefront digital signage. Displayed content can be instantly updated at any time, thus eliminating the cost of reprinting. Small-scale billboards placed in front of specialized sales counters are recommended as a means to stimulate impulse buying, by giving customers immediate access to interactive product descriptions while they are browsing for products.

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  • An ASUS All-in-One PC is an excellent choice when it comes to installing a store's POS system. The one-piece design, without the mess of external cables, can enhance the appearance customer-facing areas, while the intuitive touchscreen's simplicity and convenience help ensure smooth operation.

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  • Perfect for use with a digital billboard, its compact body is easy to conceal behind the monitor it is connected to. It is also compatible with POS peripherals and software. In addition to being exceptionally affordable, it saves space and is easy to remove for maintenance. For limited storefront space and a modest budget, EeeBox is the ideal solution.

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