ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.


SMB transactional work does not typically involve mobility. Typically, suitable computers for such work need only be able to access the internet and cope with administrative demands such as word processing and simple image processing.

ASUS provides SMBs with a series of desktop computers offering basic IT functionality. Whether a light, space-saving Mini PC, or a high-performance, flexible desktop, our complete line of products has models to fit every need, allowing budget-conscious business owners to save on every purchase.

Where monitors are concerned, ASUS has an equally rich selection to choose from. Large productivity-enhancing models are available at modest prices, giving staff the benefit of expanded screen real estate. By reducing eyestrain and increasing productivity, such screens can also help increase efficiency.

Large-screen notebook computers can even replace desktop models, adding the benefits of occasional mobility while maintaining high levels of performance and flexibility.

Recommended Products

  • EB1037

    Mini PC EB1037 has a compact body that is easy to conceal behind the monitor it is connected to. Power consumption complies with internationally recognized standards such as Energy Star and EPEAT. Besides its exceptional space-saving design, it even offers plenty of computing power for standard office tasks. A range of models is available, offering discrete video cards and dual monitor output for applications where improved graphics quality is needed.

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  • BM1AD

    For a flexible office environment, ASUS offers a comprehensive selection of desktop computers, from lightweight space-savers to high-performance, reliable and durable workstations, with products suitable for any budget.

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  • VivoMini UN65H (commercial)

    ASUS widescreen displays enable powerful multi-tasking desktop environments for staff, while reducing the eyestrain associated with the extended use of under-sized screens. Moreover, the VN Series with its ultra-narrow-bezel designs enables multi-monitor solutions that make it even easier to multitask. The ergonomic design with adjustable tilt, rotation, pivot, and height allows users to choose the optimal viewing position for comfort and efficiency.

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    ASUSPRO PU450/PU550 Business Notebooks offer large 14-inch or 15-inch screens and high performance. With a thoughtful design that includes comprehensive connectivity, they are specially designed for non-managed IT environments. They provide the perfect balance between functionality and price.

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