ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.


Many SMBs lack a fully-dedicated MIS department, often assigning dual-role staff for this purpose. An unplanned mixture of brands and technologies can quickly lead to hardware and/or software incompatibilities, and become an administrative burden for those responsible.

As a successful company expands, it can rapidly outgrow its IT infrastructure, leading to mounting needs for more and advanced equipment such as dedicated tower or rack-mounted servers, plus larger and more powerful networks. Minimizing the cost of such expansion, while taking into account future ease of maintenance, security and operational stability, is an important task.

ASUS offers a complete line of products, with a world-class manufacturer’s warranty service. Dependable after-sales service allows reduces the burden of routine maintenance, allowing staff to focus on more productive work.

Recommended Products

  • BM1AD

    ASUS offers a wide selection of desktop PCs, from lightweight space-savers to reliable high-performance workstations. The exclusive ASUS Business Manager Suite allows MIS personnel to perform routine maintenance easily, minimizing time spent on updates and installations. ASUS provides complete, cost-effective computer solutions for a variety of needs.

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  • VivoMini VC65R (commercial)

    Fast-growing SMBs need to keep one eye on budget constraints and another on future hardware requirements. ASUS can supply everything from entry-level servers to flexible datacenters that leverage the large-scale storage capacity and vast computational power of the cloud. ASUS can support the growth of your business every step of the way.

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  • ASUS 16:9 widescreen monitors are the perfect solution for demanding multi-tasking desktop environments. The VN series with its ultra-narrow bezel design enable seamless multi-monitor configurations for power users. The ergonomic design with tilt, rotation, pivot, and height adjustments provides maximum user comfort for enhanced productivity.

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  • Our comprehensive range of network equipment provides SMBs with a powerful, efficient and cost-effective infrastructure solutions. Energy efficiency is assured by the Green Network feature, which conserves power when connected devices are in standby mode. This can reduce power consumption by as much as a 57%.

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