ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.

Business Protection

The information, knowledge, and competencies accumulated by a business in the process of managing its employees, equipment, systems, and the company environment are its most important intellectual assets. They form the core of the company’s operations. In the information technology age, the secure management and use of these digital assets is crucial to a company’s present and future success.

Enterprise information management includes asset lifecycle management, user authentication management, data storage security, and network security. The result is that information technology deployment often involves huge back-end management costs. For example, in a large enterprise, IT staff need to track thousands of devices, manage installed applications, prevent unauthorized users from logging in, carry out network filtering, and ensure firewall protection is in place. Convenient security and management solutions enable IT staff to quickly understand system status, enhancing the availability of services.

Once security issues have been addressed, companies can focus on ease of use, bringing together real-time cloud search, cloud desktop, and integrated management via ASUS System Web-based Management (ASWM) Enterprise tools. Employees can log in from any device with a single account for inter-departmental collaboration or mobile office functions, providing greater control, flexibility, and productivity.

In addition to providing a secure foundation, ASUS creates more convenient and flexible IT systems, enabling businesses to boost their productivity.

Recommended Products

  • ASUS Chromebox (commercial)

    The ASUS ChromeBox and ChromeBook product ranges, combined with the Google Management Console for security management and asset maintenance, allow businesses to track thousands of devices simultaneously, manage installed applications, prevent unauthorized users from logging in, carry out network filtering, and ensure firewall protection is in place. It is easy to operate, even for non-IT professionals.

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  • ASUS servers provide secure platforms for high-performance computing, datacenters and cloud applications. Remote server integration enables real-time remote monitoring, including the unified management of BIOS updates, remote control, power control and asset management, providing an indispensable function for businesses.

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  • ASUS network equipment offers a simple, efficient solution to the demands of ever-increasing network traffic in the modern enterprise. Green Network features, which detecting when connected devices are in standby mode, can result in significantly reduced energy consumption for network infrastructure.

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  • Based on the ASUS Cloud, the ASUS thin client solution guarantees secure data, combining cloud desktop technology and integrated management via ASWM Enterprise. The thin client solution supports centralized IT management for businesses and seamless delivery of traditional or web applications. It can be used with the space-saving ASUS EeePC, for outstanding reliability and security footprint.

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  • Using Intel® Core™ processors with vPro™ technology, combined with Computer LoJack and ASUSPRO Business Center management tools, ASUSPRO B Series notebooks are designed for easy management. They also feature built-in fingerprint recognition, a SmartCard reader and a TPM security chip, providing the highest levels of information security.

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  • ASUS business desktop computers are equipped with ASUS Business Manager, providing easy system maintenance and maximum security. They also support asset management software and Intel® vPro™ technology, enabling IT personnel to remotely track and manage assets. Models feature an intrusion alarm, a Kensington security lock slot, and a TPM security chip, ensuring maximum physical and data security.

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