ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.

Green Office

There is a tendency to view environmental responsibility and eco-friendly infrastructure as costs rather than long-term investments. But in actual fact, increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact can add value and have a positive impact on profitability.

The use of energy-efficient computer equipment can result in considerable direct savings in electricity costs over the long term. Digitizing documents and using the cloud for inter-departmental collaboration can reduce paper costs while enhancing the business’ green credentials.

Increasingly environmentally-aware consumers mean that green issues can no longer be sidelined or ignored by businesses, and there is also a moral imperative for positive action on issues that affect the entire planet. And as many smart enterprises are realizing, the application of eco-friendly thinking throughout the business not only enables potential reductions in operating costs, but can also strengthen the company’s image in the eyes of consumers.

Recommended Products


  • ASUS networking provides a simple and effective solution for large volumes of network traffic. Our Green Network feature automatically detects when devices are in standby mode and reduces power accordingly, allowing companies to make energy savings of up to 57% compared to standard networking equipment.

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  • ASUSPRO computers for enterprises are designed in accordance with the ASUS green policy, from product design to packaging. They meet demanding international environmental protection standards, including EPEAT, Energy Star, RoHS, TCO4.0, TUV, GA, ECO Declaration, and Green Mark.

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