ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business

    ASUS ZenBook 3 UX390UA

    Unprecedented performance

    Our engineers had an almost impossible task when choosing the components for ZenBook 3. Their goal was to create an ultra-thin laptop with unprecedented performance, and despite some tough challenges, they’ve succeeded. The result is an unbelievably powerful laptop, with 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, up to 16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM, an ultra-fast up to 1TB PCIe® Gen 3 SSD, and the latest USB-C port with support for displays. So there’s no need to worry about what you can or can’t do with ZenBook 3 — it’s practically unstoppable!

    Windows 10 Pro

    Up to
    Intel CPU
    Boost to
    Up to
    PCIe Gen 3 SSD
    Up to
    battery life
    battery life

    The incredibly powerful 7th-gen Intel Core i7 processor

    ZenBook 3 brings you state-of the-art performance in an ultra-thin laptop. At the heart of ZenBook 3 is the powerful 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, delivering effortless performance for smooth multitasking. Designed without any compromise, the prestigious ZenBook 3 achieves a benchmark result that is at least 15% higher than its nearest rival, giving you all the performance you need — and more.

    faster than MacBook Air
    faster than MacBook
    faster than Spectre 13
    Cinebench R15 (Multi Core) ASUS ZenBook 3
    (i7/16G/512G PCIe SSD)
    324 MacBook 12
    211 MacBook Air 13
    296 HP Spectre 13 277

    The coolest of cool

    The problem with fast, ultra-thin laptops boils down to basic physics. To prevent the laptop enclosure itself getting hot, warm air inside needs to be expelled as quickly as possible to the outside world. With ZenBook 3’s mighty Intel® Core™ i7 processor inside, our engineers had to invent a brand-new cooling system using state-of-the-art components such as a liquid-crystal-polymer fan impeller that’s just 0.3mm thin, and a copper-alloy heat pipe with walls a mere 0.1mm thin. This innovative cooling system is an incredible 3mm thin, and gently routes the warm air through hidden vents in the hinge for efficient, serenely quiet cooling even under full load.

    thermal system
    liquid-crystal polymer

    Less wait, more work

    A high-performance solid-state disk (SSD) with a PCIe® 3.0 x4 interface gives ZenBook 3 the fastest storage available — more than twice as fast as the storage in a MacBook® — so you’ll never be kept waiting for the operating system to boot or for applications to load. With no moving parts, SSDs are not only blindingly fast, but are reliable and totally silent.

    faster than PCIe x2
    faster than SATA 3 SSD
    faster than SATA 3 HDD
    ASUS ZenBook 3
    NVME PCIe® x4 Gen 3SSD
    1720MB/s MacBook
    PCIe SSD
    MacBook PCIe SSD 724MB/s SATA 3 SSD 520MB/s SATA 3 HDD 85MB/s

    The fastest memory, the best multitasking

    In keeping with our search for the ultimate performance, for ZenBook 3 we chose the world’s fastest LPDDR3 RAM, clocked at an amazing 2133MHz. Despite its speed, it uses very little power, helping to keep ZenBook 3 running for longer. And with up to 16GB RAM, your ZenBook 3 will handle multiple demanding tasks without skipping a beat.

    ultra-fast RAM
    faster than 1866MHz RAM
    ASUS ZenBook 3
    2133 MHz
    25.28GB/s MacBook Air
    1600 MHz
    MacBook Air 1600 MHz 16.63GB/s MacBook
    1866 MHz

    Runs longer, charges faster

    A laptop as beautiful, powerful and prestigious as ZenBook 3 deserves nothing less than all-day battery life, so to achieve its remarkable up to 9-hour autonomy we designed a special high-capacity 40Wh lithium-polymer battery, specially shaped to fit precisely into the impossibly thin profile. We also added fast-charge technology that allows you to charge it up to 60% capacity in just 49 minutes.

    Li-polymer battery
    Up to
    battery life
    Fast charging
    in 49 mins

    Batteries, redesigned

    ZenBook 3 uses lithium-polymer batteries that last up to 700 charge cycles — three times the lifespan of standard lithium-ion cylinder batteries. The lithium-polymer batteries are precisely shaped in three different ways so they fit exactly in the available space. This clever engineering allows us to give ZenBook 3 a generous 40Wh battery capacity. Lithium-polymer batteries also retain up to 80% of their original capacity even after hundreds of charge cycles, so you don’t have to worry about deteriorating battery performance.

    battery lifespan

    Mobility without bounds

    We live in a wireless world, and ZenBook 3 is fully equipped to give you the very best connections, everywhere. It features the latest power-efficient Bluetooth® 4.1, as well as dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi that’s more reliable and three times faster than the previous-generation 802.11n. With integrated Miracast technology, you can easily stream music, movies, photos and games to any Miracast-compatible HDTV, or use a TV as an interactive second screen for big-screen multitasking. And with our exclusive software such as ASUS Remote Control and ASUS Share Link, you can create your own personal data cloud for fast, secure and convenient access to all your files, wherever they’re stored — on your ZenBook 3, on your mobile devices, or in the cloud.

    faster than 802.11n
    Up to
    dual band Wi-Fi

    Ergonomic backlit keyboard

    The world’s best ultraportable laptop doesn’t deserve a keyboard that’s an afterthought, and with ZenBook 3 it’s been engineered into the design from the start. The full-size backlit keyboard stretches from edge to edge, with just a 2.1mm bezel at each side, and has a key pitch (the distance between the centers of each key) of 19.8mm, the same as most desktop keyboards. And although the keyboard is incredibly slim — 28% thinner than the previous generation, in fact — there’s still an impressive 0.8mm key travel, which is twice as much as some rivals!

    travel distance
    travel distance
    ASUS ZenBook 3

    One-touch access with Windows Hello

    The highly-accurate touchpad on ZenBook 3 features precision touchpad technology and ASUS Smart Gesture support for a more intuitive and natural feel. ASUS Smart Gesture allows up to 4-finger gestures in Windows 10. The touchpad is superbly engineered for maximum comfort and accuracy, with a glass covering for smooth control, and also incorporates palm-rejection technology and handwriting support. It’s the easiest, most natural way to control your laptop — so say goodbye to your mouse! With the built-in fingerprint sensor in the touchpad and Windows Hello, a single touch is all it takes to log in.

    fingerprint sensor

    Smart gesture support

    to select a region
    up and down
    zoom in/out
    two-finger pinch
    3 finger tap
    excute cortana
    3 finger swipe (l/r)
    switch desktop
    3 finger swipe
    excute task view
    3 finger swipe down
    show desktop
    4 finger tap
    pop-up notifications bar
    4 finger swipe (l/r)
    switch desktop