AC2100 Dual-Band PCIeR 160MHz Wi-Fi Adapter

    • Up to 5X-faster WiFi — Wide 160MHz channels drive wireless speeds up to 1.73Gbps in the 5GHz band.
    • Top speed for all devices — Built-in MU-MIMO technology enables all connected devices to run at the best attainable speed.
    • Blackspot-reducing external antenna — Freestanding transceiver and connecting cable allows easy positioning for the best reception.

    2X-Faster Wi-Fi, Even on Crowded Networks

    PCE-AC58BT uses wide 160MHz channels to drive WiFi speeds up to twice the rate of WiFi 5 (802.11ac) devices, and up to 5X faster than WiFi 4 (802.11n) equipment. It's also engineered with MU-MIMO technology to ensure that every connected device benefits from top speeds, even in busy homes or offices.

    Still Fast, Even In
    Crowded Network

    PCE-AC58BT instantly upgrades your PC with MU-MIMO functionality, enabling it to achieve top WiFi speeds, even when many other devices are connected to WiFi simultaneously. Instead of taking turns transferring data to the router, MU-MIMO lets multiple devices transfer data at the same time without waiting. With PCE-AC58BT, your PC can be grouped with other MU-MIMO devices on the network, letting you enjoy full WiFi speed for each device in the group.
    *Disclaimer: MU-MIMO supported router and client required

    Better WiFi with Optimal
    Antenna Placement

    PCE-AC58BT's external antenna eliminates concerns about WiFi dead zones. Use the included cables and position the transceiver for optimal signal reception.

    PCE-AC58BT only supports PCI-E-Express x1 standard, please install the card in PCIex1 slot on the motherboard. You can also refer to the recommond list of ASUS motherboards to use with PCE-AC58BT.