ASUS Announces All-New ExpertCenter Series Desktop PCs

    TAIPEI, Taiwan, October 6, 2020 — ASUS today announced ExpertCenter, an extensive portfolio of desktop PCs for 2020 and beyond that feature brand-new chassis designs, next-level performance and long-term reliability for extended asset life cycles.

    The fundamental tenets of proven system stability and accident prevention are underpinned by the series-wise use of ASUS motherboards – the world’s No.1 motherboard brand. Extensive expansion potential, easy-to-manage software and thoughtful chassis designs are all carefully considered during the research-and-development stage in order to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) to businesses.

    To fulfill the needs of all sizes of business and industry, ExpertCenter desktop PCs are available in a broad spread of segments and chassis, from ExpertCenter D3 to D9, offering diverse configurability and meeting or surpassing a variety of world-leading reliability and environmental certifications. From education and creation, and from manufacturing to retail, ExpertCenter desktops are ready to provide long, stable service with seamless functionality, proven reliability and enterprise-grade manageability.

    Superior expandability and reliability for future-proof use and long-term confidence

    With an ASUS motherboard at the heart of every ExpertCenter desktop, businesses are assured of world-leading resilience and reliability. These include the renowned 5X Protection III[i] a set of hardware safeguards that ensure long-term durability of ASUS motherboards. As well, all ExpertCenter desktop PCs benefit from the use of 100% solid capacitors, which are important for storing charge and regulating voltage. ExpertCenter desktops have also passed US military-grade durability standards, so they’re certified fit for use in extreme environments and manufactured to survive knocks or drops.

    Across the ExpertCenter desktop series we sought to maximize the use of internal space, even in the limited confines of the small-form-factor (SFF) models, with smart chassis construction and clever component placement. Options include expansion space for up to four storage devices for expandability and tool-free chassis designs to allow users to dismantle devices with simple steps.

    ExpertCenter desktops are also engineered for long-term reliability and quiet operation, even at full performance, with multi-channel thermal solutions, customized fan profiles[ii] and power-efficient power supplies. The upshot is that every ExpertCenter desktop PC is equipped both to boost productivity and remains stable, even after many years of performance.

    An ExpertSeries PC for every scenario, with security and maintenance tools as standard

    To fulfill the needs of all sizes of business and industry, ExpertCenter desktop PCs are available in a diverse spread of segments and chassis. All are powered by the latest 10th Generation Intel® processors, include integrated WiFi 6 connectivity and offer a range of professional-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® and Quadro® graphics options to satisfy the increasing demands of content creation, data analysis and Al.

    l Specially designed for enterprise, organizational and governmental use: ExpertCenter D9 desktops feature effortless multitasking power and Intel vPro® processor technology to manage thousands of hardware endpoints.

    l Specially designed for advanced SMBs ExpertCenter D7 desktops maximize employee productivity with high computing and graphics performance, plus comprehensive connectivity to cope with diverse demands.

    l Specially designed for budget-conscious users: ExpertCenter D5 and D3 desktops combine exceptional value with affordable prices, presenting powerful, expandable and dependable desktops in a variety of different form factors.

    ASUS has a thorough understanding that IT security and manageability must evolve to effectively serve as the first line of defense and maintenance. That’s why ExpertCenter desktops also feature a raft of security and management features. These include the centralized IT-management software, ASUS Control Center (; the PC-based ASUS Business Manager; and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. The combination of these security features helps to keep businesses safe and efficient, by speeding software patches, minimizing downtime and simplifying routine maintenance.

    Flexible designs that are perfect for modern workspaces

    In addition to daily productivity, workspace flexibility has become increasingly important for modern business. Forward-looking organizations understand the need to embrace more flexible designs, to both expand employee creativity and their desire for attractive and conducive workspaces. With maximum workspace flexibility in mind, the ASUS Design Center has helped to create five different chassis designs. These range from 9-liter SFF desktops and 15-liter mini towers to 20- and 27-liter tower PC powerhouses. This offers superb choice for business, with options such as a carrying handle, horizontal or vertical placement and comprehensive connections, making ExpertCenter desktops ideal for retail, libraries, office and manufacturing. The ExpertCenter designs also stand apart from traditional business desktops by exhibiting elegant, stylish aesthetics that fit easily with any office furniture and decorations, making them a welcome addition to any workspace.

    Striving for a sustainable future, with ExpertCenter desktop PCs

    Environmental sustainability is now a significant concern for all responsible organizations. The all-new ExpertCenter desktop PCs embrace this fact, with sustainability integrated into all aspects of product design – from the post-consumer recycled plastics to eco-friendly surface treatments with molding to minimize waste powder. These measures many ExpertCenter models are Energy Star® 8.0-certified and certified as EPEAT Silver. As well, each model is equipped with an energy-efficient power, up to 80 PLUS® Platinum-certified power supply, resulting in reduced heat generation and realizing long-term cost savings.

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    [i] 5X Protection III is a feature of many ASUS motherboards. For details, please visit:
    The MyASUS app allows users to manage and apply a variety of different fan profiles for different needs and operating scenarios. These include: Whisper Mode, Standard Mode and Performance Mode.