ASUS Looks to #WowTheWorld With New VivoBook Series

    New series in the popular ASUS VivoBook laptop family breaks stereotypes with street inspired designs that appeal to Gen Z

    TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 17, 2020 ASUS today announced a new #WowTheWorld VivoBook marketing campaign for its two new lines of the popular VivoBook laptop series, which feature expressive, street-inspired colors designed to appeal to Gen Z users. The campaign is aimed specifically at Gen Z users, introducing the 2020 VivoBook series laptops and reinforcing the VivoBook brand. VivoBook is not just the product, it's a lifestyle that's part of Gen Z culture.
    The two new series of VivoBook laptops feature unique colors and design elements that appeal to a new generation of users. The high end VivoBook S features an all metal chassis, while VivoBook 14 and VivoBook 15 feature either a metal or plastic lid. All models are powered by up to Intel® Core™ i7 processors and all include NVIDIA® discrete graphics.


    The youthful, street inspired brand image of the new VivoBook S and VivoBook 14 / 15 series laptops aims to build a strong connection with Gen Z users, providing them with a device that reflects their personality while offering the performance they need for productivity. The 2020 VivoBook #WowTheWorld marketing campaign reflects Gen Z’s desire for authenticity and creativity, with ASUS working with Gen Z personalities to showcase how they use their VivoBooks for their craft. The campaign leverages mobile-first and digital social content and centers around Gen Z personalities, with a series of videos featuring young cultural influencers from the fields of music, augmented reality (AR), athletics, and fashion design to show how they’re shaping the world with their ideas and talent. With music a big influence for this target market, ASUS collaborated with musician Godi J, who wrote a theme song for the 2020 VivoBook series lineup. Additionally, Gen Z users are avid fans of AR filters, so ASUS collaborated with AR artist Gene, and his creations can be seen in the VivoBook campaign video. Other personalities featured include Italian national athletics team hurdler Desola Oki, and young shoe designer Michael Cutini. According to a study released by international research firm OC&C Strategy Consultants, Gen Z will make up 33% of global consumers by 2029 . Gen Z consumers are excited about technology and consider smartphones and PCs status symbols, and though they hold their mobile devices near and dear, they turn to laptops for productivity-related tasks. Gen Z are also 1.2X more likely than other internet users to have recently purchased a new laptop.

    Aesthetics for today

    Between them, VivoBook S and VivoBook 14 / 15 are offered in a combined total of eight unique and expressive colors. VivoBook S is available in Dreamy White, Gaia Green, Resolute Red, or Indie Black; while VivoBook 14 / 15 feature additional colors like Cobalt Blue, Bespoke Black, Hearty Gold, and Transparent Silver. The new Dreamy White option has a sandblasted iridescent finish that appears to change color depending on the way light strikes its surface. The eye catching finishes are complemented on the inside by a color-blocking Enter key with lettering and borders finished in bright yellow — a color that’s particularly meaningful to Gen Z. ASUS designers put special emphasis on the Enter key as it connects users’ thoughts out to the real world.

    Empowering a generation

    At the top of the 2020 VivoBook range sits VivoBook S (S333 / S433 / S533), with each model featuring a slim all metal chassis that’s available in 13-, 14- or 15 inch form factors. Next are VivoBook 14 and VivoBook 15, which can be specified with metal or plastic lids. It’s not just about aesthetics, VivoBook delivers all the features Gen Z needs to fuel their creativity and talents. All models of these VivoBook series laptops are powered by up to Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA discrete graphics, and each model features a NanoEdge display and WiFi 6. In addition, 14 inch models can be specified with the optional ASUS NumberPad.